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The #1 Professional Rodent Proofing & Prevention Services in the Greater Los Angeles Area

With Atticare, you can keep the rats, mice and squirrels outside where they belong! We offer a one-day, subscription-free solution to protect your home and family that is both effective and humane.

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Our Rodent Proofing & Prevention Process - Step By Step

Prior to explaining the rodent proofing process, we should inform you that Atticare is not a pest control or extermination company. We do not deal with rodent infestations. We offer rodent proofing services for your home that prevent them from returning after they have already been removed.

If your Greater LA home is having rodent problems, you should contact a vetted, professional pest control company that specializes in this issue. Once they have gotten rid of the rodents, we would be happy to provide our one-time, subscription-free solution to rodent proofing and prevention.

Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning

Before we can begin rodent proofing, we first need to empty and clean your attic and crawl space so that we can conduct a proper search for potential rodent entrances. Rats, mice, and squirrels are able to fit into very small spaces, so making sure we can access all the parts of these areas is essential.

The Atticare team will remove your current insulation as well as any waste and debris that has collected in your attic and crawl space over time so that the bare structure is exposed. We will then examine every nook and cranny to find where the rodents might enter through so we can address them in the next phase.

Sanitization & Decontamination (Optional)

Attics and crawl spaces are frequently neglected parts of our home that are rarely visited, nevermind properly maintained. As a result, they become breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, mildew and other substances that have the potential to affect your family’s health. The air in our homes circulates through them, and if they are contaminated, those contaminants will inevitably make their way to your indoor environment.

If you are interested in improving the air quality in your Los Angeles area home, Atticare also offers sanitization and decontamination services. Our team can provide your attic and crawl space with a deep clean that eliminates both potentially harmful contaminants and foul odors.

Rodent Proofing & Prevention

Now that your attic and crawl space are empty and clean, we can begin identifying and addressing any holes we consider to be viable rodent passages. Rodent proofing and prevention is especially important in Los Angeles, as our city has one of the highest rat populations in the entire country.

Did you know a rat can have up to 17 litters of 10-12 babies per year?!? Beyond just carrying bacteria and disease, they also tend to chew through everything from insulation, air ducts, wood and even electrical wiring, which can cause house fires. Keeping them out is crucial to the structural integrity and overall air quality in your home.

The Atticare approach differs from that of other pest control companies as we offer a solution that is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Pesticide-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for small children, pets, and even the pests

Instead of using chemicals or traps that harm or kill the rodents in secluded places, leaving them to rot behind walls and ceilings, our team of rodent proofing experts uses wire mesh and foam to seal off your attic and crawl space. That way, they never even get the chance to make it inside!

This one-time, long-lasting solution doesn’t share any of the potential downsides of other rodent control methods. Through years of experience, we have learned that poisoning and trapping rodents only leads to further problems down the line. The last thing we want is for you to have to tear down your drywall after a few months to get rid of the stench of trapped or poisoned rats when we could just prevent them from getting in altogether!

Air Sealing

While we are addressing the issue of rodents, we also take measures to make your home more energy-efficient by air sealing those spaces which are too small for a rodent, but big enough for air to escape. Air conditioning is a necessity in the Los Angeles area and energy is not cheap, so why let all that cool air, and your hard-earned dollars, go to waste?!?

Our team will comb over every inch of your attic and caulk any gaps to make sure it keeps your indoor climate indoors (where it belongs). This crucial measure is required by California’s Title 24 Standard for energy efficiency any time a contractor removes insulation. Air sealing your attic will make sure that the energy you are using to cool or heat your home doesn’t escape along with all the money you spend on your monthly utility bills!

Insulation Installation

Now that the attic and crawl space are fully rodent proofed, it’s time to install insulation again. Since these areas are bare and have been properly cleaned, you may want to consider replacing your current insulation with new, high-quality insulation in order to further improve the air quality and energy-efficiency of your LA area home.

If you are considering new insulation, Atticare’s team of insulation experts can review all of the options with you and help you make the best decision according to your budget and the size of your home. Installing new insulation will instantly improve the indoor air quality and help you save money on a monthly basis by lowering your energy usage!

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Cost of Rodent Proofing & Prevention - How Much is It?

How much it costs to rodent proof your attic and crawl space varies depending on their size, condition, and the amount of gaps that need to be filled. The factors that inform a proper estimate are most often found beneath the surface, so we can provide you with the most accurate estimate following an in-person visit.

However, we may be able to provide a ballpark estimate over the phone if you share some basic details about the areas you want us to service. To schedule a free consultation, fill out the contact form at the top of this page or reach out to us by phone at (888) 743-7243.

If you’ve already gotten a quote for rodent proofing and prevention from another company in the Los Angeles area, give us a chance to beat it! With Atticare’s Better Quote Tool, you can share the competitor’s quote along with your contact information and one of our specialists will review it and get right back to you with a competitive quote for a better service at a better value!

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