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  • Get Rid of Carcasses, Odor & Toxic Rodent Waste
  • Reduce The Risk of Allergies & Asthma
  • Improve the Air Quality Inside Your Home
  • Protect Your Family’s Health

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Attic Clean-Up in New Jersey

If you’ve left your attic unattended for some time, it’s likely toxic build-up and rodent damage is affecting the air quality in your home, exposing your family to harmful allergens and asthma.

The attic is among the most neglected parts of your home, yet it can provide some useful space. For you to make good use of this space, you must keep your attic clean and organized.

However, keeping it clean is a challenge because over time clutter such as roof particles and debris pile up, preventing proper ventilation. This can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can damage your attic and cause poor indoor air quality.

On the other hand, if animal feces and urine are left to accumulate, they can become a health hazard. Accumulated animal droppings can also damage building materials. While some of these building materials can be cleaned, others may require replacement.

Is your dirty attic harming your family?

Did you know that the presence of mold is linked to a 300% increase in asthma cases over the past 20 years? Air quality and cleanliness are essential components of a healthy household. Not to mention that old or damaged insulation can impact your heating and cooling bills. We can help you decide what insulation is right for you and save you money in the long-term on energy bills.

Attic Clean Up and Inspection Service Company San Francisco CA
Attic Clean Up and Inspection Service Company San Francisco CA
Attic Clean Up and Inspection Service Company San Francisco CA
Attic Clean Up and Inspection Service Company San Francisco CA
Did you know your indoor air quality is directly affected by what goes on in your attic?

deceased rodent and feces in the attic contaminate the air that ultimately flows directly into your home through air ducts, vents and recessed lighting.

a clean and properly insulated attic ensures you and your family can sleep well at night knowing you home is pollutant free, safe and rodent-less.

.Our Process

Atticare’s technicians can professionally clean your New Jersey home’s attic and make it an excellent storage area. We are not just your ordinary attic cleanup company — we go beyond cleaning the mess in your attic. We remove the dirt, deodorize and decontaminate while using our expertise to improve indoor air quality.

We have a highly trained and certified team of technicians who have experience removing animal droppings, rotted materials such as wood, cleaning up insulation and decontaminating your attic. We also use the best equipment to ensure our job is done to the highest standards.

On top of that, we follow strict safety protocols to make your attic inhospitable for all rodents and pests. Our process prioritizes the safety of both our customers and technicians. We use safety gear and equipment that follows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Our Services

Some of the attic cleaning services you may expect from our technicians during your attic cleanup include:

  • Insulation removal
  • Removal of old wood and building materials
  • Animal waste & carcasses cleanup 
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing
  • We identify mold, humidity and odor problems
  • Complete remediation services, including installation of insulation and other repairs

Attic Clean UP Service Company New Jersey

Why Choose Us?

Our devotion to friendly customer service coupled with professionalism and knowledge of attic cleaning has positioned our company as an industry leader.

We work hard, and we’re committed to maintaining the excellent reputation we’ve earned over the years by meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We believe we are the right partner for all your attic cleaning services in New Jersey. Contact us today at 1-201-499-7441 for a free estimate and a chance to make your home a healthier place for your family.

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