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Atticare offers one-day attic and crawl space rodent proofing services to protect your home from tiny invaders! Rodents are both a health and structural hazard for your home. Learn how we provide a safe and comprehensive solution for keeping rats, mice and squirrels outside, where they belong.

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Our Rodent Proofing & Prevention Process - Step By Step

Before we explain the rodent proofing process, we must begin by mentioning that Atticare does not provide pest control or extermination services. We offer rodent proofing services to keep unwanted pests from returning after they have been removed.

If you are currently battling with a rodent infestation, you should contact a trusted, professional pest control company in the New Jersey area to first have them removed. Once your home is rodent-free, we can provide our one-time, subscription-free rodent proofing method to ensure they have no way of coming back.

Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning

Prior to starting the process of rodent proofing and prevention in your New Jersey area home, we must first clean your attic and crawl space as well as remove any insulation so we can examine every nook and cranny for potential rodent entrances. Rats, mice and squirrels can fit through tiny gaps and holes, so the areas must be clear for us to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

The cleaning process entails ridding these spaces of any waste or debris in order to expose the bare walls and beams. Our team of attic and crawl space experts will completely empty out the areas and properly dispose of any waste we remove.

Sanitization and Decontamination (Optional)

After the initial cleaning process is complete, your attic and crawl space will be vacant, but this does not necessarily mean they will be totally clean and safe. These areas are notoriously vulnerable to collecting bacteria, particularly if they have been home to rodents and other pests, and are also prone to mold, mildew and other contaminants.

One of the best measures you can take to improve your home’s air quality and avoid breathing in potentially harmful substances is to sanitize and decontaminate your attic and crawl space. If you wish, the Atticare team can go the extra mile and eliminate all these potentially harmful elements as well as any odors from your New Jersey home.

Rodent Proofing & Prevention

Emptying and cleaning your attic and crawl space sets the stage for us to be able to rodent proof them. This step requires identifying any holes and gaps through which rats, mice and squirrels could potentially enter your home.

Homes in the New Jersey area are particularly vulnerable to rodent infestations due to high rat populations. Rodent proofing and prevention goes a long way to protecting the structural integrity of your property and protecting your family from the harmful bacterias they introduce to your indoor environment.

When rodents make their way into a structure to nest, they procreate quickly. Rats can have up to 17 litters of 10-12 babies per year! In addition to spreading bacteria and disease, they also chew through your insulation, air ducts, beams, and even electrical wiring, sometimes causing house fires.

The Atticare approach differs from traditional pest control methods because it is non-toxic, pesticide-free, eco-friendly, and safe for children, pets and the environment. This means instead of harming the rodents and causing them to perish in hard-to-reach places, we prevent them from ever making their way inside!

Our one-time, subscription-free method involves identifying and sealing all potential entrances with wire mesh and foam, which the rodents aren’t able to chew through. We have learned through years of experience that poisoning and trapping rats causes them to perish and further spread disease and foul odors. So why go this route when you can keep them from ever making their way into your environment in the first place?

Air Sealing (Optional)

If you would also like us to take additional measures to make your home more energy-efficient, our team of attic experts can also take the extra step of sealing the gaps too small for rodents, but large enough to allow your heat or cool air to escape. If you live in New Jersey, you already know the value of reliable climate control. The northeast winters can get extremely cold and summers grow surprisingly hot, so sealing in the energy you use to heat or cool your home could save you a bundle!

Insulation Installation

Now that your attic is clean and sealed, you may want to consider replacing your old insulation with new, high-quality insulation. Insulation technology has come a long way in recent years, so unless you have had new insulation installed recently, the energy-efficiency and air quality of your home could both benefit from upgrading it.

If you are interested, the insulation experts at Atticare can walk you through your options and help determine the best choice for your home and budget. As soon as we are finished, you will begin to experience better air quality and a decrease in your monthly utility bills immediately!

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Cost of Rodent Proofing & Prevention - How Much is It?

The cost of rodent proofing your attic and crawl space depends on their size, condition, and how many potential rodent entrances we discover. We can provide you with a rough estimate over the phone based on the dimensions of these spaces, but the best way to receive an accurate estimate is through an on-site inspection.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation, fill out the contact form at the top of this page or reach out to us by phone at (888) 743-7243.

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