Attic Clean Up and Insulation Replacement in Oradell, NJ

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Oradell, New Jersey, 07649

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Have rodents ruined your attic? Rodents in the attic can cause serious issues from ruining the insulation by nesting and reducing its R value to chewing wires and leaving them exposed, risking a house fire! This is why it is important to get your attic inspected not just once a year but any time you start to hear noises. In this attic, the insulation had been chewed and was strewn all over the place. First, we had to remove all of the insulation. This allowed us to see potential rodent entry points and allowed us to vacuum feces and debris. Once the floor was cleared, we sanitized to kill bacteria. Next, rodent proofing was done to help keep future rodents from making this attic their home. Lastly, we air sealed the attic floor to prevent energy leakage and place down new fiberglass batt insulation.

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