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Attic Insulation Replacement and Plywood Install in Midland Park, NJ

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Midland Park, New Jersey, 07432

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If your home just can’t seem to keep warm this winter, now may be a good time to check your attic space. Upon inspection, our technician found that this attic was lacking insulation. It was old and had lost its R value over time. To keep this home warm without running up the heating bill, we knew the insulation needed to be replaced. First, we removed all of the old insulation. This allowed us to spot any energy leaking gaps and air seal the attic floor. Next, we sanitized the attic floor to get rid of any odor and bacteria. After, we laid down new batt insulation. This will help with energy efficiency. Baffles were installed in the rafters. This will help with air flow. Finally, we installed plywood to create a storage area and catwalk.

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