Attic Insulation Replacement and Rodent Proofing in North Brunswick, NJ

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North Brunswick Township, New Jersey, 08902

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When buying a new home, it’s important to inspect both the attic and crawlspace. During this inspection, we found that the insulation was old and contaminated with rodent droppings. The attic is the lungs of the home. If this space is infested, it can affect the air quality in your living spaces. To help this home, we started by removing all of the old insulation. This allowed us to get to the droppings that were hiding underneath the insulation and exposed entry points rodents may have been coming in from. Next, we vacuumed and sanitized the attic floor. After, we rodent proofed the attic to help prevent future infestation. Finally we air sealed the attic floor and installed new batt insulation.

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