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Exterior Paint in Long Beach, CA

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Long Beach, California, 90807

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We Make Healthier, Energy Efficient Homes!

When it’s time to paint your home and give it a fresh look you should always contact a professional. Our team at Atticare take exterior painting job from A – Z

Preparing the walls, covering all windows and doors around the house, dig a trench 6-8 inch deep around the wall, sand the wood around the house, and fill up with wood filler if needed.

For this job, we used a Cool Life™ exterior coating that is 3 times thicker than regular paint. It is waterproof and unlike other exterior paint can last for 20+ years without fading. Cool Life™ coating system has a heat reflective technology that helps keep the walls cooler and as a result, saves up to 21% on energy bills.

Our team at Atticare is trained to provide excellent service from start to finish. We offer a Free onsite evaluation with one of our home performance specialists that will recommend the best exterior paint product for your home.


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