Attic and Crawl Space Solutions

Full Service for all of your Attic & Crawlspace needs

Attic and Crawl Space Solutions

Full Service for all of your Attic & Crawlspace needs


Attic & Crawlspace Solutions

About Atticare

Atticare is a nationwide company with over 15 years of experience and 5 star attitude. Our mission is to provide a full service for all of your attic and crawl space needs. We specialize in attic cleaning, air duct repair & air duct replacement, insulation installment, insulation removal, crawl space cleaning, attic Radiant Barrier, Crawl Space Vapor Barrier, Rodent proofing & Rodent Control, Thermal inspection & energy analysis.

Our goal is to help you save on your energy bills and to protect your home from rodent damages, as a result your home will stay clean, safe & energy efficient.

By cleaning and insulating the attic and crawl space, we can help you save money while improving the air quality inside your home and prevent from any future diseases


Our Mission

Our mission is to be a One Stop Shop, worry-free for all of your attic and crawlspace needs and provide exceptional customerservices throughout your experience at Atticare.

Learn Why Atticare is The Best Choice

With many years of extensive training and skill development, Atticare has expanded the business into 3 locations.

We are a complete Attic & Crawlspace Solution and are best known for our professionalism and honesty.

We have won multiple Customer Service Awards, and are Certified Energy Experts and Certified Installers of Owens Corning Insulation. Our team will treat your home with courtesy, respect and deliver exceptional results.


What sets us apart from the others

All of Atticare employees are happy to be part of a great team, we work and grow as a family. We believe that the values and principles we have built will lead our team to success. We have, and we will continue to treat our customers with care and guarantee exceptional results to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our services offer so many unique qualities that set us apart from the rest such as ;


  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Consistently rated 5 star by our customers
  • Open Sundays
  • Financing options are available
  • DEP license (Department of environmental protection)
  • C-2 – Insulation and Acoustical License


Financing is available


Our Values


Licensed & Insured


Fastest customer service response time


Consistently rated high by customer reviews


Guarantee the highest quality of work


Best quality products and brands used


All service team members are professionally trained and/or certified


All insulation used is fire resistant



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