Attic Guard MRI

Attic Guard™ The Most Innovative Insulation Technology Yet

What is AtticGuard™ (MRI)

AtticGuard™ is an innovative Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation (MRI), providing exceptional thermal protection and energy efficiency for roofs, attics, and walls.This Insulation Breakthrough technology is cutting heating & cooling bills by 25%, therefor, AtticGuard™ is the #1 choice for homeowners who want to chill out, literally.

Specs & Benefits

  • R-Value: 12.82
  • Thickness: 0.25″
  • Can lower attic temperature by 40°
  • Resistant to birds and rodents
  • It has a perforated foil facing that prevents condensation
  • The fiber material is encapsulated and free of allergens
  • It is only .25 inches and yet it delivers more energy savings than 5 inches of fiberglass insulation
  • Reducing radiant heat gain by up to 97% which is the primary source of residential energy loss
  • The ONLY insulation product that protects against conduction, convection, and radiation
  • It helps maintain a conditioned (temperature-controlled) attic space, protecting the roof, HVAC system, and attic insulation.
  • Effective for the life of the building, no maintenance needed

Why AtticGuard™ is The Most Innovative Insulation Tech to Date

To better understand the exceptional efficiency of AtticGuard™, it’s important to understand the three modes of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation.

Conduction: Imagine you have a metal spoon in a hot bowl of soup. After some time, the handle of the spoon gets hot too, even though it’s not directly in the hot soup. That’s conduction! The heat travels through the metal spoon from the hot part to the cool part.

Convection: Have you ever seen steam rising from a pot of boiling water? That’s convection! The hot water at the bottom of the pot gets heated up and starts moving upwards, carrying the heat with it. That’s how convection works – heat gets transferred by the movement of liquids or gases.

Radiation: When you stand near a campfire, you can feel the warmth on your face, even though you’re not touching the fire. That’s radiation! The hot fire sends out invisible rays called radiation, and these rays can transfer heat to you without anything in between.

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Beat the Heat: Understanding Roof and Attic Heat Transfer

In your attic, the hot roof can transfer heat in all three ways:

Conduction – through the materials like wood or metal.

Convection – by heating up the air in the attic, making it move around.

Radiation – by sending out invisible heat rays that warm up objects in the attic.

This is why AtticGuard is #1 choice for homeowners who want to chill out, literally.

Attic insulation and AtticGuard™

AtticGuard™ works perfectly in conjunction with existing insulation and is actually capable of providing more savings than adding another whole foot of fiberglass! 

AtticGuard™ is making the attic a conditioned space so the HVAC system don’t need to work so hard and as a result you will save money on energy bills. 

Who is using AtticGuard™?

AtticGuard™ is highly versatile and used by general contractors, roofers and building envelope specialists for residential and commercial applications. 


How is conduction, convection, and radiation related to roofs and attics?


During the day, the roof absorbs heat from the sun’s rays. This heat is then conducted through the roofing materials (e.g., shingles, decking, insulation) and into the attic space, warming up the attic air and any objects that come into direct contact with the roof.


As the attic air gets warmer due to the heat conducted from the roof, it begins to rise and create convection currents. The warm air rises and circulates within the attic space, transferring heat to the cooler surfaces it comes into contact with, such as the attic floor or walls.


The roof and any objects in the attic that have been heated by conduction and convection will also radiate heat in the form of infrared radiation. This radiant heat can then be absorbed by other surfaces in the attic, further contributing to the overall heating of the attic space.

To minimize heat transfer into the living space below, proper attic insulation and ventilation can help reduce conduction, convection, and radiation effects. Reflective radiant barrier materials can also be installed in attics to reflect radiant heat away from the living space.

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