Crawl Space Clean Up

  • Prevent moisture-related issues like mold and mildew
  • Get rid of strange odor and bacteria below your feet
  • Improve the air quality inside your house
  • Protect your family’s health

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Crawl Space Clean Up in San Francisco, CA

The San Francisco Bay Area is a magnificent region that offers near-perfect weather and a comfortable living environment. It is an ideal spot for many families looking for a serene neighborhood to live in. Whether you’re purchasing, constructing or cleaning your current home, you want to be sure your investment remains in perfect condition for many years to come. Atticare can help.

Crawl Space Clean Up Service Company San Francisco CA

How Do You Know When to Look at Your Crawl Space? 

Are there strange noises coming from your crawl space? Does your crawl space have moisture issues or standing water? Are there strange smells coming from the area? If so, or if your crawl space has never been inspected before, It is time to take a look at it.

Dirty, infested or wet crawl spaces can directly impact your family’s health. Air that you breathe often circulates through the crawl space as a part of natural airflow.

Crawl Space Clean Up Service Company San Francisco CA

Rodents are attracted to the naturally dark and humid spaces a crawl space provides, so your home might be shared with other creatures. These rodents cause damage to insulation and air duct systems and bring waste and germs which directly affects the air quality in your house.

Moisture is also a common issue in both old and new homes. Dark, damp, spaces can promote mold and mildew growth.

All of these problems can be addressed and fixed. Atticare is a dedicated, crawl space cleanup company and promises quality service and free inspections. Our professionals will go where you probably haven’t been in years, evaluate and formulate a plan on how to create a healthier, efficient space. When the crawl space is clean and functional, your entire home will benefit from better-quality air and lower energy bills.

Crawl Space Cleaning Service in The San Francisco Bay Area of CA

Atticare offers: 

  • Crawl space Clean Up: Unclean crawl spaces can smell bad and be home to rodents and pests. Our experts work to remove debris, waste and old insulation to create a cleaner, odor-free space that is free of pests.
  • Crawl Space Insulation: Insulating the crawl space helps keep your house cool during hot weather and warm during cold winter months. A poorly insulated crawl space can significantly increase your energy bills. Our crawl space insulation professionals can replace old, worn-out or damaged insulation and make your house drier, energy-efficient and healthier.
  • Vapor/Moisture Barrier Insulation: Vapor barrier is a commercial-grade plastic sheeting that is placed on the crawl space ground. This helps block any moisture from getting into the crawl space from the ground. This barrier is essential to preventing mold, mildew and any structural damage to your house. Vapor Barrier can also save you money on future repairs and keep your home safer and cleaner.
  • Pest and Rodent Proofing: Rodents and pests hide in crawl spaces and can wreak havoc. They chew electrical wires, ruin insulation, soil the area and reduce the overall quality of air. If air from your crawl space happens to draft into your home, you could be breathing contaminated air. Atticare crawl space professionals offer pest and rodent prevention services by sealing entry points and repairing any damage in the crawl space.
  • Mold and Mildew Identification: If your home has ever flooded or has a poorly ventilated crawl area, it could have mold. A professional can help clean up the crawl space in your home by identifying sources of mold and mildew and partnering with a trusted, licensed company to come and get rid of it. Mold spores are especially common in San Francisco, but a well-ventilated crawl space will prevent moisture build-up, thus preventing the formation of mold under your house.

We want to help your family stay healthy and safe. Atticare has 22+ years of combined experience and a 98.8% customer satisfaction rate working in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can identify crawl space issues by just looking at them and provide you with professional and successful service, plus a 1-year warranty on workmanship. Contact us today at 1-866-692-5449 to schedule a free inspection.

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