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Crawl Space Clean Up in the Los Angeles Area

  • Prevent moisture-related issues like mold and mildew
  • Get rid of strange odor and bacteria below your feet
  • Improve the air quality inside your house
  • Protect your family’s health

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Crawl Space Clean Up in Los Angeles, CA

Crawl spaces are hard-to-reach areas in many residential and commercial properties. Crawl spaces also often serve as a breeding ground for different kinds of creatures. The presence of moisture in dirty and dark crawl spaces makes them even more conducive for the growth of mold, rodent takeovers, bacteria and insect infestations. In order to prevent problems with moisture and pests, you must properly clean and control the moisture.

So, what are these dirt and moisture-related issues? 

Mold Growth in Your Crawl Space

Some mold produces mycotoxins which can get to your body through touch, inhalation and ingestion. Mycotoxins are dangerous and can cause allergic reactions as well as other severe health issues. 

You can tell mold is present in your crawl space when you notice musty smells, small mold patches and excessive allergic reactions. Condensation in your home suggests that you have high moisture levels, which is a direct sign there could be mold in your crawl space.

Crawl Space Clean Up Service Company Los Angeles CA

Pest Takeover

A buildup of moisture in your crawl space can attract different varieties of pests, including rodents and insects. Rodents like rats spread diseases, and they can cause physical damage to your property over time. In fact, rodents are the biggest structural destroyers of your property. 

These pesky creatures eat pretty much everything. They chew air ducts, eat wooden beams that support your home and damage insulation. When rodents eat into air ducts and electrical wires, they can damage the electrical system, which can, in turn, result in costly repairs or increase your home’s energy costs.

Where Does the Moisture in My Crawl Space Come From?

Moisture and dirt in your crawl space come from different sources. The most common source of moisture comes from the soil under your home. Other common sources are plumbing leaks and poor drainage where the landscape slopes towards your home and introduce water to your crawl space.

About 40% of the air in your house rises from the crawl space due to a natural air flow. So, if your crawl space is dirty or damp then moisture, dust, mold and natural gases like radon can slip into your home and affect the indoor air quality. 

A simple solution for moisture related issues in your crawlspace is vapor barrier. 

A vapor barrier installed in the crawl space give a moisture and soil gas protection and greatly reduces the risk of: Mold, mildew, wood rot, floor failure, decreased insulation R-value, odors, insects, allergies and poor air quality.

Crawl Space Clean Up Service Company Los Angeles CA

Why We’re the #1 Crawl Space Cleanup Company in the greater Los Angeles area, CA

At Atticare USA, we provide the most efficient and trusted crawl space cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA. We understand crawl space cleaning inside and out. 

Our certified technicians will identify issues and damages in your crawl space, take pictures and present creative solutions for a clean and dry crawl space. Weather you need crawl space encapsulation, vapor barrier, cleanup or new insulation, we can help! We will keep your crawl space free from moisture, dirt and possible rodent infestation. 

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If you’re looking for a fast, efficient and fair partner to help you clean and protect your crawl space in Los Angeles, CA or its surrounding areas, then contact us at 1-888-843-7081 to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced technicians will conduct an obligation-free inspection to determine which crawl space cleanup solutions you need.

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