Attic Clean Up Services

Isn’t it time to clean and insulate your attic? For over 10 years, our team at Atticare has helped San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Jersey home owners with cleaning and insulating their attics. Clean, well insulated attic will increase the air quality inside your home and will help you save money on your energy bills.  Our dedicated servcie team will take care of all the dirty work so you don’t have to!


  • Old, damaged insulation
  • Signs of rodent activity (odor, feces, damaged pipes)
  • High energy bills 


  • Remove and replace of damaged insulation 
  • Sanitize with hospital grade disinfectant
  • Blocked all entry point so rodents won’t get back 
  • Used radiant barrier on roof rafters to improve energy efficiency

Whether you need a basic attic clean-up or a full attic make over, We can help! 

  • Cleaning up damaged or old insulation
  • Removing droppings, feces, carcases and urine left from rodent activity
  • Using hospital disinfectants to kill 99.9% of viruses, odors, and bacteria

Atticare guarantee to meet and exceed your expectations. We will remove any harmful contaminants and leave your attic clean, safe and energy efficient.  contact us today to schedule a free inspection!  1-888-743-7243 

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