Our company’s strongest belief is that every family deserves to be comfortable in their home. Atticare offers a variety of professional home upgrade services for healthier, safer and more efficient residences. Our approach involves cleaning and sanitizing the often neglected areas of the home, patching and sealing vulnerabilities, and replacing and installing features with state-of-the-art products that maximize energy savings.

Our certified and trained staff members have improved thousands of homes within our three service regions, and have over 9 years of experience. With a customer satisfaction rate above 98%, we guarantee our staff will do the job right to save you money in the long run.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a bustling group of communities from many different walks of life. Let our capable team protect your family and the home you love with our line of home upgrade services focused on energy efficiency.

Even the most recently built homes in the San Francisco Bay Area may have inadequate attic insulation. Without a vapor barrier in the crawl space, new construction can quickly deteriorate from excess condensation and dampness. At Atticare, our San Francisco professionals will venture into these dark and cramped locations to declutter, deodorize and reinsulate your home. Our other specialties include enhancing indoor air quality and temperature control, plus roofing and painting improvements.


It’s exciting to own a property within greater Los Angeles and its surrounding communities. As the largest city in California and home to dozens of iconic sites and scenery, there are countless other reasons to enjoy living in this sprawling region for decades. To do that, though, a healthy home is crucial.

With Atticare’s Los Angeles attic and crawl space maintenance and insulation services, we cover climate control, air sealing and pest prevention. We can even help your LA home harness California’s abundant sunshine by switching to solar power — a clean, renewable energy source. Atticare is your go-to provider for cleaner, well-ventilated living spaces, a beautiful roof and weatherproof exterior coatings.


Atticare’s New Jersey office serves the northern portion of the Garden State as well as Westchester County and Staten Island in New York . You might be one of many hard-working families here who frequently commutes to New York City, so we’re here to make home upgrades the least of your worries.

We offer smarter heating and cooling solutions that perform stronger, reflect the sun’s rays and boost your property’s value and longevity. Our full-service energy-efficiency company does it all — from insulating attic and crawl spaces to preventive rodent control, HVAC replacement, window installation and eco-friendly exterior painting.


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