Radiant Barrier

Lower your energy bills and improve your indoor comfort with radiant barrier installation services from Atticare. When properly installed by certified, highly trained professionals, radiant barriers can help cut down on the energy costs needed to cool your home in the summer months and prevent damaging ice buildup during the winter. To enhance your home’s or business’s interior environment, request your free inspection from Atticare today.

How Do Radiant Barriers Work?

Made of highly reflective materials, such as aluminum foil, radiant barriers are designed to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. As a result, radiant barriers can help reduce radiant heat gain, which is particularly important in the warmer months. During the summer, your attic can become extremely hot as the sun heats your home’s or business’s roof. The radiant energy from the sun will then travel by conduction through your roofing materials into your attic and air ducts, putting your A/C system on overdrive and reducing your interior comfort.

While radiant barriers help keep the indoor temperature in check throughout the summer months, they can also help reduce ice buildup during the cold season. Because heat loss through your roofing materials can cause ice dams, radiant barriers aid in the prevention of these hazardous ice ridges. Additionally, radiant barriers also help keep heat in, saving you on winter energy costs.

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Radiant Barrier Installation Services from Atticare

Maintain the comfort and energy efficiency of your home or business all year long with radiant barriers installed by Atticare. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout the San Francisco Bay area, Greater Los Angeles and Northern New Jersey. To learn more about our radiant barrier installation services or to schedule your free inspection, call us today at 888-743-7243.

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