Attic’s Radiant Barrier

Reflect Heat Rather Than Absorb It

Keeping your home or business cool throughout the summer is challenging but since radiant barrier reflects about 97% of the radiant heat out the results are incredible:

  • A/C system works more efficiently – The cold air inside the air ducts is now traveling from point “A” to point “B”  in a much less hostile, Boiling attic.
  • Your home temperature will be much more comfortable because the Attic temperature is much lower.
  • Energy bills drop since the A/C does not need to work as hard to cool your home.
  • Radiant barrier promotes a more comfortable, evenly spread temperature indoors

If you are located in San Francisco, Los Angeles or New Jersey areas, our team at Atticare can install a radiant barrier in your home or business.

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During the summer your attic can become extremely hot from the sun’s energy and as a result the indoor living space becomes uncomfortable.

A radiant barrier that is made of a highly reflective material, typically aluminum foil, helps reflect that heat back out of your attic rather than absorbing it.

At Atticare our professional team will install a radiant barrier in your attic and assure that even on the hottest summer day, your attic will remain cool and comfortable.

With all the great summer advantages in mind, it is important to consider all the great benefits a radiant barrier provides in the cold winter months as well. In the winter a radiant barrier can help reduce ice dams and may resolve moisture related issues. For more information about how radiant barrier can benefit your home in the winter click here. A Radiant Barrier does not come in place of insulation but it is essentially another piece of the puzzle keeping your home safe, green and energy efficient.

In order to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter you may want to read more about Atticare’s insulation servicesair sealing, and recessed light covers.