Checking Your Crawl Space

Crawl space inspection

It’s rare that homeowners ever think of their crawl spaces. But a crawl space inspection in your house is vital. And this is particularly true after a long wet winter. 

Attic and crawl space service professionals know that you need to keep an eye on this part of your home, plus crawl space insulation to avoid dampness and mold. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Crawl Space?

There are a couple of main reasons for a crawl space in your house. 

  • Natural air ventilation beneath your home.
  • Space to install HVAC units and piping. 
  • Simpler to build homes on a slope. 

What’s Inside A Crawl Space?

Your crawl space is the ideal place to store ugly but necessary things like ductwork, wiring, and piping. 

Can I Store Stuff In My Crawl Space?

Storing belongings here may seem tempting but it’s not advisable. Crawl space insulation needs as much airflow around it as possible. Otherwise, it can get damp.

Also, storing belongings made of paper, leather or wood can attract pests that eat them.  

Cracks and Holes

This should be done on a sunny day. Take a look around inside the crawl space in your house. During your crawl space inspection, can you see daylight? 

If so, that’s a problem. 

Why? Pests can get in through tiny cracks, as well as rain and mold. Here’s where to look for cracks. 

  • Where the wall meets the floor. 
  • Joints in the floor. 
  • Joints in the wall below the groundline. 

The cracks may look small, but don’t be fooled. Any attic and crawl space service professional will tell you that small pests can squeeze through any tiny opening. 

And of course, moisture can get in through absolutely any tiny crack. If you end up with pooled water in your crawl space it will seriously undermine your foundation. This is a pricey fix and best prevented. 


Ventilation is vital, so your crawl space inspection needs to be done properly.


When it’s cold and damp outside, venting to the outside of your home can be a problem. It can lead to drafts in your home and frozen pipes exploding. 

So check for damaged pipes and drafts. 


The warm air outside can cool and condense in your crawl space, meaning your crawl space insulation gets damp and moldy. A damp crawl space also rusts anything metal such as ducts and pipes. 

Be sure to check you don’t have pools of water near your vents. A dry area means your seals are intact. 


Have you found excessive moisture in your crawl space? Then it’s best to have an insulation contractor check your insulation at the same time as the crawl space inspection.

Insulation is like a sponge, so when it gets wet it grabs onto it. The bad news is that it can wear down a lot of materials that it comes into contact with. And this is a long list including walls, wooden flooring, or joists. 

Have Atticare Conduct A Thorough Crawl Space  Inspection For You 

If you see any broken seals or standing water, don’t hesitate to call in the attic and crawl space service professionals

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