Most Common Attic Ventilation And Insulation Questions

Attic care can be a difficult subject to navigate, which is why there is a specialized division of construction dedicated to it. With the demands of different climates and different homes, it can be hard to determine what is adequate when it comes to insulation and ventilation.

Each home is different. This is why an attic insulation contractor is essential in determining what is best for your home. If you notice stale air or there are increasing allergic reactions in your household, it may be time to call a professional and discuss options to improve ventilation

We checked with our technicians and came up with the 3 most common questions we get asked about attic insulation and ventilation.

Isn’t More Attic Ventilation Good?

Just like properly sizing your furnace air conditioning unit, you want precisely the right amount of attic ventilation for your home. Poor attic ventilation can ruin your insulation, destroy your shingles, and potentially raise your energy bills. In the summer, natural air flow in a well-vented attic moves super-heated air out of the attic, protecting your roof and removing humidity, which can lead to mold. On the other hand, too much ventilation can expose your home to leaks during inclement weather.

So, how much is adequate ventilation? It is important to talk to a professional to determine the precise amount that your home requires. In general, the Federal Housing Administration recommends a minimum ratio of 1:300, where for every 300 square feet of ceiling space, you need 1 square foot of attic ventilation.

Are Roof Vents for Warmer Climates?

Roof vents are considered by many to be important for home energy efficiency, however, other factors like sun exposure and attic insulation are actually much important than ventilation. Although roof vents do help in most cases, they are expensive, and there are several other options you can consider in lieu of them.

Insulation is designed to control moisture, reduce heat transfer, and assure proper ventilation. Whether you choose Blown-in insulation or Rolls, attic insulation will do wonders for your home heating and savings on long-term energy costs.

How do you know if you have proper insulation?

Take a tour of your attic and discover for yourself: Are there pink strips of fiberglass insulation between the rafters and joists? Or are the beams exposed and letting the outside air in? You may find that you have enough insulation, but that it is in a state of decomposition. Rotting insulation does not retain heat and poses a health risk. This is a good time to consider replacing and updating your insulation.

Although attic insulation is often overlooked, it is of utmost importance in keeping you home warm and healthy to live in. Since your attic’s health is critical to your quality of life (and your wallet), it is important to consult a qualified professional and make sure that your insulation needs are met.


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