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crawl space vapor barrier instalation

Prone to moisture, humidity, mold, mildew and termite damage, crawlspaces require an effective moisture barrier, or vapor barrier, to prevent these and other issues. At Atticare, we provide vapor barrier installation as part of our crawlspace services. To schedule your free consultation or learn more about vapor barriers, call us at 1-888-743-7243.

What Is a Moisture Barrier?

When moisture evaporates from the soil, it can form condensation on the walls and ceiling of your crawlspace. Eventually, this could lead to a number of problems, including mold, odors, insects and wood rot. A moisture barrier, which is a thin layer of impermeable material typically made from polyethylene sheeting, can block water from entering the crawlspace and help prevent these issues and the associated damage they can cause.

Signs You Need to Install or Replace a Moisture Barrier

While the problems caused by moisture beneath your home or business are difficult to deal with on their own, the cumulative impact of these conditions can eventually result in structural damage and pose serious risks to your health. That’s why it’s so important to act right away if you notice any of the signs of excessive moisture in a crawlspace, including:

  • Standing water in the crawlspace
  • Insect and pest infestation
  • Bad or musty odors
  • Rotting wood on the ceiling of the crawlspace
  • Warped or sagging floors
  • Rusted pipes in the crawlspace
  • Observable mold or mildew

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Installation

Your home or commercial property is a significant investment, and it’s essential that you take steps to safeguard it against the damage uncontrolled moisture can cause. Is your crawlspace in need of a new moisture barrier? Turn to the insulation professionals at Atticare, serving the San Francisco Bay AreaNorthern and Central New Jersey and the Los Angeles Area. Our team will install a new vapor barrier in your crawlspace, making sure that the foundation of your home or business remains dry and pest-free. To schedule your free estimate for crawlspace moisture barrier installation, contact us today.