Crawlspace Moisture Barrier

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

  • Improve the Air Quality Inside your Home
  • Prevent Mold, Mildew, Pest & Termite Damage
  • Get Rid of Bad and Musty Odor
  • Protect your Family’s Health


What Is a Vapor Barrier?

A vapor barrier, also commonly known as a moisture barrier, is a thick plastic sheeting installed on top of the crawl space ground in order to isolate the home from the earth and prevent moisture-related issues.

Why Do I Need a Vapor Barrier?

It is no secret that a damp environment is very unhealthy and destructive. Many homeowners are not aware that the earth underneath their feet in the crawl space has very high humidity in the soil. A high humidity level in the air can cause mold growth, rot and can attract critters into the crawl space.

Can a Vapor Barrier Improve the Air Quality Inside my Home?

Absolutely. Since the natural airflow in a house is from bottom to top, moist air evaporates and naturally gets sucked up (with everything in it) into the living areas of the home and directly affects the indoor air quality.

A crawl space vapor barrier will completely isolate your home from the earth and dramatically reduce the humidity level in the air. This will decrease or in most cases completely eliminate moisture-related issues and odor coming up from the crawl space.

What are the Risks of Not Having a Vapor Barrier?

Mold and Mildew – 

Mold thrives in a damp and humid environment. Mold reproduces by producing airborne spores by the millions and some types of mold are very toxic to inhale. If mold evaporates in the crawl space, it can easily travel into the living space through the crawl space floor and affect the air quality inside your home.

Rodents – 

Mice, rats, skunks, squirrels, and raccoons are naturally attracted to dark and humid spaces. Rodents usually leave a big mess behind such as droppings, carcasses and urine witch are toxic to inhale. These rodent waste matters can promote health issues such as; cardiovascular diseases, allergies, asthma and viruses. 

In addition rodents will cause structural damage to the insulation, air ducts and HVAC system which controls the air quality of your home and will be costly to fix.

Rot and Decay –

Insects and critters of all kinds love damp environments and materials. One example of an insect who thrives in a damp environment are termites. Termite, as you know, causes massive structural damage that leads to rot and decay witch is extremely costly to repair.

Toxic Natural Gases –

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the ground in most areas of North America and can be easily blocked with a vapor barrier.  The EPA has identified radon gas exposure with an increased risk of lung cancer. Dirty crawl spaces allow radon gas to enter the home easily because it may be traveling with the natural airflow that circulates into the home.

What Vapor Barrier material is Right for Me?

Vapor or moisture barriers come in different thicknesses and brands. When choosing a moisture barrier material for your home we highly recommend that you consult with your contractor since every space is unique. For most crawl spaces we will recommend installing a 12 mil vapor barrier since that thickness has a great ROI and rigidity. 10 mil is also a good option if you are working on a budget and don’t mind a slightly thinner material. 

What is the cost of a Vapor barrier?

The cost ranges from $2.00 – $3.50 per square feet. When searching for the right company with the right price you should take the following into consideration:

  1. The access and the clearance of your crawl space – If the access is very small and the clearance is 3-4 ft. it will be more difficult to install the vapor barrier and might require additional labor costs.
  2. Additional required services – when installing a vapor barrier, in many cases, additional services may be required in order to ensure a clean, safe and energy-efficient crawl space. Services like; basic cleaning, rodent-proofing and insulation are essential in achieving long-lasting results. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

The results are attractive, bright, tough and impervious liner that creates a healthy home above it. 

The clean space liner is tough enough to crawl on as well as use for storage. Your health, as well as your family’s health, is important. Which is why a vapor barrier will ensure a clean, safe and energy-efficient home.  Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation 1.866.692.5449

Our trained specialists will show you how a clean space can protect you and your family’s health as well as your second largest investment- your home.