Professional Attic Insulation Installation

Insulating the attic is not just a means of cutting down on heating and cooling costs or increasing the comfort level of the home. An insulated attic makes for a dry attic that is not susceptible to moisture. Insulating the attic also helps to significantly reduce and possibly eliminate the growth of mold spores. Since new, dry insulation does not hold moisture like old insulation does, it makes for unfavorable conditions for mold to survive in, which translates to favorable conditions for the health of the home.

When the right kind of insulation is used and the attic is properly insulated, it acts as an air seal-a good protective barrier against air leaks in the roof. Attic insulation also prevents against the wooden framework of the house rotting because an attic that is properly insulated prevents and eliminates moisture build-up which would otherwise cause the wooden framework to rot overtime.

When thinking of insulation, the first though is keeping warm. But insulation is a year-round barrier necessary to both heating and cooling HVAC systems. It is a vital part of the operation of the home. The trained attic insulation installers at AttiCare offer a number of home attic insulation services to the Bay Area. They offer services ranging from insulation installation to insulation removal Bay Area. They even have attic cleaning service options.

Heating and cooling costs account for the majority of the energy used in an average home. This means that losing a home’s hot or cold air through improperly insulated attics makes for a huge energy waste. Taking steps to prevent this loss is very important when thinking of ways to save energy costs.

Adding insulation to the attic helps reduce energy costs by lowering the amount of energy needed to keep the air in the home at a comfortable level. Because any changes in a home’s temperature must be fought against by the heating and cooling units, leaving improperly insulated spaces makes the home vulnerable to higher energy usage and costs.

Air naturally flows from a warm area to a cold one. During the winter months, warm air in the home tries to escape to the cooler air outside, and during the summer months, warm air outside tries to flow inside to the cooler air inside the home. Rooms such as attics, basements, and garages are all places where this air flow can happen the most easily.

Insulation works by limiting air movement within the home. The still air trapped in the insulation works to prevent the heat from escaping from one place to the next. Insulation is rated in terms of thermal resistance, called R-value, which tells how resistant to heat flow the insulation is. The higher the R-value of the insulation the better able it is to prevent hot air from moving from one place to another.

Technicians at AttiCare are experts in addressing the issue of insulation for the attic. They know the proper R-value of insulation that needs to be installed and will do so in a safe, efficient manner.


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