Rat in the Attic? Read This Before You Call Pest Control

The automatic response of most homeowners to a rat in the attic is to call a pest control company. Although this may be a good band-aid, it is certainly not a total solution. Pest control companies are great at dealing with the obvious problem in your attic or crawl space, but what about the ones that will follow?

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Problems Caused by Rats in Your Attic

Rodents such as rats, mice, and raccoons often live in attic or crawl spaces due to their warm and moist nature. Other than living in your home rent free, they can cause an array of problems:

  1. Chewing of your electrical wires- which can cause a fire.
  2. Tear up and defecate on your insulation- which will contaminate the air flowing to the rest of the house that you and your family are breathing.
  3. Damaged insulation will ultimately reduce your home’s energy efficiency and increase your energy bills.
If your home is not rodent proof, then more will follow. Once one rat has found its way into your home so will his cousin, brother, and his mother in law. And yes, we only have room for one mother in law in this household. What this causes is repeat business for the pest control company and a list of problems for you.


A Lasting Pest Control Solution

What would you do to not have to call your local pest control company again? After years of experience, Atticare has found a way to help owners do just that.


Our 3 Step-Method for a rodent free household — for good!

  1. Clean out the mess – Our experts fix all the damages left behind by rodents and sanitize the space so it will not attract other family members.
  2. Seal them off – Once the area is cleaned and sanitized, we rodent proof the attic or crawl space. Locating all possible access points and sealing them off completely. No re-entry allowed at this party folks!
  3. Insulate – Now that the space has been cleaned, sanitized, and sealed off, we will re-insulate your attic. Bringing your home back to a clean, energy efficient, and rodent free habitat.
Contact us today to schedule your FREE inspection. Our diamond certified specialists will rodent proof your home and make sure you never have to call pest control again!


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