Signs Of Rodent Infestations In Attics

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Signs Of Rodent Infestations In Attics

Attics present a particularly appealing environment for mice and rats, offering reliable shelter and easy access to food and water. However, the presence of rats in the attic can present a health concern for you and your family, as well as lead to potential property damage that may be extremely costly to repair. Knowing the most common signs of a rodent infestation in your attic will help you recognize when it’s time to call a professional for rodent control and attic clean up near San Francisco.

Scratching Noises

One of the most common signs of rats in your attic is the presence of scratching or scampering noises throughout your home. Rodents often travel in the dead spaces of your home, which leads to pervasive noises that emanate from ceilings and walls. You’re most likely to hear these noises at night, which is when most rodents are active.

Rodent Droppings

Rodents tend to leave droppings as they move, resulting in small, spindle-shaped feces that may appear in various places throughout your home. While you’re most likely to find droppings in areas that rodents frequent, such as your attic or pantry, spotting rodent droppings anywhere in your home means it’s time forrodent control.

Insulation Damage

Even if you visit your attic and don’t spot any squirrels, mice, or rats, you might see evidence of their presence in the form of damaged insulation. Rodents often burrow into insulation to create their nests, so look for signs of gnawed or hollowed-out insulation in your attic. You may also see signs of water damage on or around your insulation; this is because insulation products that have been damaged by rodents are no longer water-resistant and are vulnerable to leaks and other sources of moisture.

Get a Free Inspection

Are you concerned about squirrels or rats in your attic? Atticare’s experienced rodent control experts can help with immediate rodent removal and rodent proofing to protect your home and your attic from future infestations. Please visit our website to learn more about our attic and rodent control services, or call 1 1-888-743-7243 to request a free inspection today.

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