What Sort of Damage Can Squirrels Cause in a Home?

Squirrels might look cute out in the wild, but you won’t find them so cute when they invade your home. They can put holes in your lawn, nest in your attic, and cause electrical problems in your house. Call for rodent control if you have an infestation, and read on to see what sort of damage squirrels can cause in your home.


Squirrels can get into your indoor gardens make a mess while eating your plants, but they can cause noticeable damage outside of your house as well. The one thing just about everyone knows about squirrels is that they scavenge for nuts and then hide their supply. They have no qualms about digging up holes in your lawn to bury what they find, which can leave your lawn dotted with holes. Squirrels will chew on bark and twigs, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get to the see inside of your bird feeder.

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When you have a squirrel living in your house, it probably won’t take too long to notice. Since they’re expert climbers, squirrels can easily make their way from the trees onto your rooftop. If there is a weak spot in your roof, they may exploit it to end up in your attic. Flying squirrels are active at night, which means you’ll have to deal with the sounds they make while you’re trying to sleep.


Just like rats and mice, squirrels like to use their teeth. They’ll chew through a wide range of materials, which is bad news if they find access to electrical wires. Squirrels can cause electrical shorts and damage wires as well as appliances.

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