Do You Have Squirrels Living In Your Attic?

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Do You Have Squirrels Living In Your Attic?

When it comes to rodent control, keeping mice and rats outdoors comes to mind for many homeowners. However, squirrels also have a habit of living in attics when given the opportunity. If you’re wondering if you need rodent proofing for your attic because of a squirrel problem, then read on to learn what signs can indicate that you’re sharing your home with these critters.

Signs of Nearby Squirrels

When you have squirrels in your attic, there are several signs that you may notice around your home. First, if you frequently see squirrels running back and forth along your home’s utility lines or fighting in your yard, then this can indicate that you have a sizable population of the rodents in the area. Also, you might notice nests in trees or tree trunks, chewed bark and plants, and squirrel droppings.

Noises in Your Home

As with most types of rodent infestations, a squirrel problem will often identify itself through noise. When squirrels are living in your attic, you might hear scratching and running noises coming from the ceiling, or you may notice sounds of movement coming from your chimney, vents, and walls. Sometimes, you might even hear the squirrels fighting with one another, which typically involves loud chirping and squeaking. When you hear noises like these at night, this can indicate the presence of flying squirrels, while daytime noises can mean that fox or gray squirrels are living in your attic.

Damage to Your Home

Finally, there are a few more visible signs that can mean you have squirrels in your home. First, you might see damage to your bird feeders and notice that they empty too quickly, as squirrels jump on these devices and cause the seeds to spill on the ground. Also, watch for chewed wires, holes in your home’s siding, evidence of squirrel nests, and insulation damage in the attic.

Get a Free Inspection

If you think that you’re dealing with squirrels in your attic in San Francisco, then call Atticare today at 1-888-743-7243. Our experienced team can provide your attic with effective rodent proofing to help keep your home squirrel-free.

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