Air Duct FAQs and Answers

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Air Duct FAQs and Answers

You don’t see your air ducts too frequently, so they’re usually not on your mind. Timely air duct repair and maintenance can keep your indoor air pure, and it may save you some money on your energy bills. If you’re wondering when and how to clean yours as well as who can help, continue reading for some air duct FAQs and answers.

How often should I have my ducts cleaned?

Regular cleaning and maintenance lets you know when it’s time for air duct repair, and it can also limit the chances of a rodent control problem. How often you should have your ducts cleaned depends on how many people you live with, whether you have pets, and the presence of allergens. A house with more people in it tends to generate more dust and debris, and pet dander can quickly circulate around the house. If you have allergies, indoor air quality can have a direct effect on your quality of life, so have your ducts cleaned more frequently.

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Who should I call for help?

If you suspect that there’s a problem with your system, contact your air duct repair professional for assistance. Make sure the company you choose is licensed and general liability insured, and don’t sacrifice quality by going for the cheapest option rather than finding a quality contractor to do the job right.

What’s the most effective cleaning method?

Your contractor knows the best ways to clean your air ducts so that you can enjoy better air quality in your home. This involves the use of a strong vacuum that creates negative pressure. As the vacuum runs, your specialist will use other devices to knock debris off the ducts and into the air to be sucked up by the vacuum. Through professional cleaning, you can remove dander, mold spores, and dust to improve your air quality and your health.

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