How Home Upgrades Can Improve Home Energy Use

Energy efficient upgrades

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my home? It’s an important question. Here are some exciting energy efficient upgrades for your home in New Jersey, the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles.

All of these energy saving home improvements mean you could see a reduction in your bills from the first month. It’s win-win. Protect the environment with our energy saving tips while you save money on energy costs.

Attic And Crawl Space Insulation

Any good insulation contractor will tell you this: insulation saves energy as long as it’s dry and evenly laid across the space.

Why? If your existing insulation is soiled from pests, torn up or trodden down over the years, it won’t be performing well. And that means the money you spend on heating and A/C is floating away into the attic, and possibly right out of the roof.

Why Doesn’t Damaged Insulation Work?

Insulation that’s wet or damp can lose almost half of its R-value (thermal resistance). A high R-value is what you want in order to keep your home at the temperature you like, and save energy at home while doing so.

These days, you can choose from several types of insulation to suit your budget and needs. So new insulation is one of the most cost effective energy efficiency improvements you can get.

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Fix Air Leaks

Air sealing is probably the easiest of all the energy efficient upgrades. It’s also an inexpensive one.

Over time, your home will develop cracks and gaps. These cracks can be in the roof, attic or crawl space and even around ducts, lighting and doors. Yes, places you won’t always see unless you really inspect the area with a flashlight.

Several of these cracks add up to a huge overall energy loss from your home. As you can imagine, it doesn’t take the Atticare team long to seal these small gaps up with caulk and foam.

Replace Or Repair Your Old Roof

As with air sealing, a perfectly waterproof and wind-proof roof is one of the top energy saving tips that can save you thousands of dollars.

Our New Jersey customers like the way a new roof or roof repair stops drafts. And most importantly, it saves them big money in the freezing winter.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles, you likely don’t want uninvited gusts of wind entering your home either. Plus, an energy efficient roof will be your best friend come summer. It’s key in keeping your A/C bills low.

Should I Get A New Roof Or A Roof Repair?

Professionals from a licensed and experienced roofing company like Atticare can advise you whether a new roof or a roof repair would be best for your home.


Solar Panels

The cost of electricity just seems to go up and up, doesn’t it? So take yourself out of the equation and save energy at home with the sun.

If you care about the planet and your pocket, solar panels are a worthwhile investment.  Plus, you can save around a third of the cost thanks to federal tax credits.

Solar panels are one of the most effective energy efficient upgrades around because the energy is clean. Wondering how long solar panels last? An impressive 25 years. Learn more about solar energy panels from Atticare here.

Energy Efficient Paint

Yes, the future is here now we have high-tech paint that lets you reduce your energy consumption.

Energy efficient paint is another of our most cost effective energy efficiency improvements. What makes it different? Traditional paint doesn’t block heat from the sun entering your home. Energy efficient paint does.

And it’s not just for walls. In fact, energy efficient paint works well on just about any external surface including garage doors, brickwork and wood.

Use Fans, Not A/C

Have you ever tried to survive a New Jersey or Los Angeles summer with no air conditioning? It gets uncomfortable. Even in the San Francisco Bay Area, A/C may be just what you want during a particularly hot summer.

But have you ever heard of the QuietCool Whole House Fan? It works alone or alongside your A/C to keep your home comfortable in summer.

QuietCool is one of those energy saving home improvements with really impressive cost savings. In fact, you could save up to 90% on air conditioning bills once it’s installed.


Energy Efficient Window Replacement

Where do you feel the draft coming from? We’ll bet it’s those old windows. The cracks and holes in old windows can let a great deal of air in, and you don’t always want it the same temperature indoors as outdoors.

And let’s face it. There’s no point running your heating or A/C to the max when it’s flowing straight out the windows.

Window replacement means your home will be much better insulated against the heat and cold. And it’s one of the energy saving home improvements that will make your home look more attractive from inside and from the street.

Are Your Air Ducts Performing Well?

Ducts are one of those things that homeowners rarely think about. But it’s worth getting them checked out if your energy bills have been high recently.

Are your air ducts damaged, or not properly insulated? Then all that warm or cool air you’re paying for can just be lost. In addition, deficient ducts can mean your home is heated or cooled unevenly.

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