Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

From chilly drafts to ice dams on your roof, there are a few telltale signs that your home isn’t properly insulated. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to schedule a consultation with experienced insulation installers.

High Energy Bills

You’ve changed out your light bulbs to energy-efficient LEDs and turned down the thermostat, but your energy bills are still at an all-time high. This is one of the first indications of an insulation issue. Your heating and cooling system may be working overtime to make up for the heat or air conditioning lost through your poorly insulated walls and roof.

Variable Temperatures

Is your living room nice and toasty while your bedroom seems absolutely freezing? Fluctuating temperatures between rooms are yet another sign of an insulation problem. Properly insulated walls and roofing will help ensure that every room of your home averages around the same temperature for a comfortable indoor environment.

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Chilly Drafts

During the cold months, you may notice drafty areas in your home. Typical problem zones are rooms above the garage or directly below the attic and around window frames and doorways. Anywhere there’s a lack of insulation, cold air will seep in, increasing your energy bills.

Ice Dams

If you live in San Francisco or Los Angeles, odds are that your roof won’t experience ice dams in your lifetime, but for our North Jersey customers, these ice ridges indicate a serious insulation problem. During the winter, ice dams can form on the edge of your roof, preventing melted snow from properly draining. By keeping your roof cold with proper home insulation, you can put a stop to ice dams once and for all.

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