Understanding Blown-In Insulation

Understanding Blown-In Insulation

You may be spending much more on your monthly heating bills than necessary. Since heat rises, much of the warmth your heating system creates can leak out through your ceiling if your attic is not properly sealed and insulated. If you have old or inadequate attic insulation, consider installing blown-in insulation in San Francisco.

Installing Blown-In Insulation

As the name implies, this type of insulation is installed by blowing it into cavities with a large air hose. This makes it ideal for use in the attic. Also, this loose-fill insulation can easily be installed in finished spaces, since you only need a small opening in the wall in order to fill the entire empty space with materials. When installed professionally, there is very little settling, so your insulation values will remain consistent over time.

Materials Available for Blown-In Insulation

The materials used for blown-in insulation are loose and light, but they can have high R-values (the higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation). If you are looking for a more sustainable insulation choice, you can choose fiberglass products that incorporate recycled glass.

Benefits of Blown-In Insulation

Whether your space is finished or unfinished, a professional can blow in the correct amount of insulation very quickly. Unlike spray foam insulations, the materials in blown-in insulations will not leak potentially hazardous chemicals into the air in your home. Once the insulation is installed, your heating system will work less to keep your house warm, since the insulation will keep more heat in.

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