A Closer Look At Vapor Barrier Insulation

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A Closer Look At Vapor Barrier Insulation

If your home is located in a climate that gets cold during the year, you need to be sure you have the correct attic insulation installed. Specifically, you should have vapor barrier insulation in San Francisco to prevent moisture from building up inside of your walls and causing big problems. Vapor barrier is easy to install and can save you from suffering needlessly in the future.

What Vapor Barrier Does

When the temperature drops outside, the moisture contained in the air inside of your home will often try to escape and move outside. As it passes through your walls, though, it can condense and cause rot and/or mildew. In a worse case scenario, it can even freeze in the walls and cause damage that you can see once it thaws later. A vapor barrier prevents the moisture from entering the walls in the first place, thus preventing rot, mildew, or any other major damages.

Why Vapor Barrier Is Important

If you do not have vapor barrier installed in your home and, more specifically, in your attic, then the moisture that is located there will be free to pass through the walls whenever it gets cold outside. Your attic insulation will keep it from entering the walls to some degree, but when the temperature drops below freezing, it will be no match for the moisture. A vapor barrier is the best way to block moisture and to keep it from causing serious issues. The moisture will be forced to exit through attic vents instead of through the walls.

How Vapor Barrier Is Installed

Some types of attic insulation, like batt and roll insulation, come with a vapor barrier included. Others do not. If you need to install vapor barrier along with regular insulation, it is well worth it. It goes up easily and will serve as a great supplement to your insulation.

Atticare specializes in installing vapor barrier and can do it quickly. You can arrange to have vapor barrier installed in your home by calling 1-888-743-7243.

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