Exploring The Benefits Of Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

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Exploring The Benefits Of Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

Homes with crawlspaces benefit from having something that can protect them from excessive moisture, which mainly results from water vapor evaporating from the ground below. The most effective thing to do is to install a crawlspace vapor barrier—a product that is made to prevent dampness from infiltrating the space. Overly moist crawlspaces can smell musty and be breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Most homeowners who aren’t claustrophobic, and who don’t mind doing the work, can install vapor barrier insulation by themselves, given that their spaces needing to be covered are manageable. For a larger home with significant square footage, enlist the help of a professional who specializes in crawlspace and attic insulation.

Focus on Controlling Moisture, Not Eradicating It

You can drive yourself crazy trying to eradicate moisture from your crawlspace, especially if you live in an area that receives a good deal of seasonal rain. Instead of trying to get rid of moisture completely, focus on keeping water vapor at a controllable level. Install a high quality vapor barrier to impede excessive moisture from negatively affecting your home’s foundation and promoting the decay of wooden structures.

How Crawlspace Vapor Barriers Are Installed

Crawlspace vapor barriers are made of polyethylene and usually come in large rolls, which can be purchased at your local hardware store or construction materials supplier. For the most part, strips of this barrier can be taped together with a durable adhesive, like duct tape, to create one large sheet that can be laid over the ground directly below the crawlspace. This sheet can be effectively held in place with sand, which does not puncture the polyethylene material. When laid properly, this sheet can keep ground moisture from evaporating up into your crawlspace.

Protect Your Foundation’s Walls

For added moisture control, a vapor barrier insulation can be run up your home’s foundation walls, provided you don’t run the sheet all the way up to your floor joists if you live in an area where termites can be a problem. If given the opportunity, termites can build their mud tunnels on foundation walls that are covered up by vapor barriers.

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