A Comprehensive Guide To Insulating A New House

Before you move into your new home, it’s important to hire an expert for crawlspace insulation and attic insulation installation. Attic insulation and crawlspace insulation will make your home more energy-efficient, comfortable, and act as an effective method of rodent control, preventing squirrels in the attic and rats in the attic. Here is a comprehensive guide to crawlspace and attic insulation installation.

Determine Where Insulation Should Be Installed

The most important type of insulation to install in your home is attic insulation and crawlspace insulation. Because heat rises, much of the air from your home’s heating system can escape through cracks, holes, and attic vents. Cooler air can escape through your basement if you don’t have crawlspace floor insulation or crawlspace vapor barrier installation. Your attic and crawlspaces are also the most likely places to provide access to your home to rodents and pests. Crawlspace and attic insulation installation is a method of rodent proofing your home.

Determine What R-Value Your Insulation Should Have

The R-value of your insulation indicates how well it will insulate your home from outdoor temperatures, and prevent heat and cold transference. The US Department of Energy has developed R-value standards for attic and crawlspace floor insulation that depend upon local energy costs for heating and cooling, and the region’s climate. You can use these standards to pick out basement or attic insulation.

Determine What Type of Insulation You Need

There are a variety of types of crawlspace insulation and attic insulation you can choose from. Cellulose blown-in insulation is typically the most affordable, popular, and effective. You can also ask your attic insulation expert about radiant barrier insulation and vapor barrier insulation.

If you’re in need of crawlspace insulation or attic insulation near San Francisco, come see us at Atticare. We provide safe, effective rodent control services, as well as attic and crawlspace cleanup, crawlspace and attic insulation removal, and crawlspace and attic insulation installation. To learn more about our affordable, professional insulation services, call us today at 1-866-692-5449.


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