Dealing With Vermiculite Insulation

If you think you may have vermiculate insulation, call for professional attic insulation removal right away. Vermiculite insulation has been found to carry asbestos and can cause significant health hazards for whoever comes in contact with it. If vermiculite is not handled correctly, there could be serious consequences.

Vermiculite insulation was used for several decades as a natural and efficient attic insulation. It has only been in recent years that installers realized vermiculite carried asbestos and could cause severe damage to a home’s inhabitants. If you suspect your home has vermiculite insulation, then it is best to stay away from the attic at all costs. Do not use it for storage or allow anyone in the attic. Only trained attic insulation installers should be allowed in a vermiculite attic, as long as they have the necessary safety equipment.

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