Do You Have A Rat Problem In Your Attic?

Rats in the attic can cause serious health problems, structural damage, and damage to your attic insulation. If you notice signs of a rat infestation in your attic, you should contact a professional for rodent proofing and rodent control services. Keep reading to learn how you can detect rats in the attic, and what you can do about it.

Signs That There Are Rats in the Attic

It’s crucial to be able to recognize the warning signs of a rat infestation and seek professional rodent control services immediately. One of the first signs of a rodent infestation is droppings or urine in the corners of your attic. You may also notice rat trails in the dust throughout your attic, or hear scurrying, chewing, or scratching sounds coming from your attic at night. You should check the wooden structures in your attic for signs of chewing or biting, and check your attic’s insulation for signs of damage.

Problems that Rodents Cause

Rat droppings and urine can transmit a number of dangerous parasites, pathogens, and disease to humans and animals. Their hair can also cause or exacerbate respiratory problems and allergies. In addition to health problems, rats can also cause serious structural damage to your attic. They chew on electrical wiring, wooden support beams, attic floors and ceilings, and can destroy attic insulation and crawlspace insulation.

Rodent Proofing and Rodent Control in Attics

If you notice any warning signs of a rat problem in your attic, you should immediately consult a professional for rodent control and rodent proofing. A professional can bait and trap rats and remove them from your attic. He will also seal up any cracks, crevices, and holes that rats could use to enter your attic.

If you’re in need of rodent control or rodent proofing near San Francisco, come see us at Atticare. The longer that you have rats in the attic, the more problems they will cause to your health, safety, and attic insulation. To learn more about our attic cleanup services, call us today at 1-866-692-5449.


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