Save Money and Energy with Cool Life Paint

Is it time to repaint your home? When shopping around to see what type of paint to use, one thing customers look out for its durability. Painting a home is expensive so you want to be sure the paint you use lasts. Here at Atticare, we’re committed to not just finding cost effective solutions for our customers, but at providing energy efficient solutions as well.

If your home paint color is anything but white, your home is absorbing massive amounts of heat radiating from the sun during the summer months. In turn, this keeps your home warm, driving up your energy bill since your A/C needs to work harder to keep your rooms cool. This is where Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating comes in.

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Why Cool Life Paint?

Thicker than traditional paint, Cool Life paint technology allows you to have any color home you desire without overheating your walls. Instead of absorbing the sun’s radiation, Cool Life reflects the radiation, reducing the temperature of your house walls by as much as 37 degrees! The Department of Energy estimated that because of the reflective technology, homeowners can save as much as 21% on their energy bill, reducing your impact on the environment.

In addition to a cooler home, you’ll get paint that lasts. Cool Life paint is made to outlast traditional house paint. Cool Life coats porous surfaces and bridges cracks, creating a watertight, repellent barrier between your home and the elements. This reduces the amount of water that can become trapped, leading to mold and ruined paint. Because Cool Life naturally repels solar radiation, this paint is less susceptible to sun damage, thereby reducing cracks and prolonging the life of your paint job.

Trust our team of highly trained technicians at Atticare to evaluate your home and show you how Cool Life Heat Reflective Coating can make a difference not just in your wallet, but to your environment. Contact Us Today to schedule your free inspection and see how much you can save.


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