Is It Time To Insulate Your Attic?

Adding blown in insulation to your attic can save you money every month on your energy bills, especially during the colder times of the year. Heat rises and, if your attic is not insulated properly, you could be paying more than you have to for heating costs because of heat loss through your attic. Attic insulation removalnear San Francisco may be necessary in order to make way for new insulation. Here are a few ways you can tell it’s time to insulate.

Your heating bills are higher than they used to be.

Have you noticed that your heating bills have gone up substantially over the last few years? There are other reasons that this can happen, but losing too much heat through your attic is one of the main culprits when it comes to rising energy costs. At the very least, it would be worth investigating the condition of your attic insulation if you have noticed that you are paying more lately.

You can see that the insulation in your attic is old or non-existent.

If you have easy access to your attic, you should check the condition of your blown in insulation at least once a year. You will be able to tell if your insulation has any gaps or if it has become too compressed simply by looking at it. If it doesn’t look good, then there’s a good chance that it’s not as effective as it should be.

You have had the same insulation in your attic for years.

Over the years, attic insulation has evolved and become better at trapping heat inside. For this reason, you should consider upgrading your insulation, even if it doesn’t necessarily look old. It may still be working like it should, but there might also be a newer form of insulation that would do an even better job.

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